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The travel & Hospitality industry is driven by the ability to offer a premium customer experience at the right price. The industry is now focusing on millennial travelers who are smart and active on internet.

Our powerful and tailored travel booking solution that offers the ability to fully customize it according to your requirements. Having a simple and intuitive and gives your guests the ability to make instant bookings right from your website or mobile app.

Key Features:

  • Location based services
  • Mobile based check-in
  • On demand services
  • Simple user-friendly Interface
  • Quick Messaging to multiple customers
  • Booking Platforms
  • Smart controls
  • Energy consumption
  • Categorizing of customers (contact groups)
  • Instant Messaging to Individual customers
  • Many More

Our travel booking solution empowers small and large scale re-sellers to post and monitor inventory online. By pushing inventory and availability in real time to multiple suppliers and agencies, your inventory is accessible by a large number of agencies and tour operators around the world.

Set up your own online travel portal to capture bookings that occur outside working hours. Create separate logins for corporate clients with preferential mark-ups to ensure that your best clients get your best rates. Manage your sub-agent network with individual logins for sub-agents.

We provide the best app too our clients and provide the most effective medium to reach groups of clients instantly on a budget.

Bulk SMS is still a popular way of regularly keeping target audiences updated about your product, services, promotion, and launches for the both small and big brands.

Benefit from the lowest rates available through our integration with large-scale global and small-scale local suppliers worldwide. Post your own inventory with a customization mark-up to your distribution system and expand your reach across global markets.


  • Search adding markup
  • Option to search by different travel types and number of travelers
  • Merging multiple supplier results in a single list
  • Filter location
  • Filter price range
  • Quick delivery of promotional messages, alerts or reminders
  • Completely scalable and customizable
  • Keeps customers updated on your products and promotions
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • User-friendly and accessible web-based application

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