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We will practically transform the face of the real estate industry by bringing professionalism in this sector. It means that the buyers as well as builders were craving for a reliant professional channel to connect and conduct business.

Like those of other industries, businesses in real estate have overwhelmingly digitized their processes to increase efficiency. But, for many companies, those processes are all housed and managed on different, incompatible platforms. Centralizing data and making it easily accessible to employees who need it helps companies to reap the greatest benefits of their digital migration.

Key Features:

  • Simple user-friendly Interface
  • Quick Messaging to multiple customers
  • Simple SMS messages scheduling for future date/time
  • Excellent website design 
  • Property listing and management  
  • Customer relation management 
  • Agent Management 
  • Purchase and sales management 
  • Complete one platform
  • Instant messaging to individual customers
  • Many More


There was a major gap between the two when it came to real estate service providers. Buyers wanted someone whose guidance they could trust and builders wanted someone to sell and market their projects so that they could focus on building projects. 

Our Online Real Estate  solution caters to all kinds of businesses from small, medium to large organizations. We provide the most innovative solutions for sending text messages to large groups or individuals all over the world through various SMS gateway networks.

If you want to communicate instantly with customers, then SMS marketing offers the best opportunities. Bulk SMS marketing has become more simple and affordable with our superior SMS Management system.

We designed the best Real Estate solution for our clients and provide the most effective medium to reach groups of clients instantly on a budget.

Deriving these benefits is especially important to real estate businesses, as they handle massive amounts of paperwork for each property with which they are involved

Easy way to connects buyers and sellers on an online marketplace and gives them access to the latest property listing. Both buyers and for-sale-by-owner sellers choose the level of support and service they need to save money at closing.


  • High Efficiency 
  • Market Growth 
  • Always visible in the market 
  • Excellent platform for buyers, seller and agent 
  • Enhance customer engagement
  • User-friendly and accessible web-based application

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