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E-School Cambodia is a awesome e-learning (Online study platform). “Study smart not hard”. We practically transformed the face of the education industry as school level for class Intermediate in Cambodia by bringing online platform in this sector. We provide the video material as course lectures on our website. It means that the students will registration or take admission on e-school website to connect and can get course material. E-School is a collection of excellent expertise teachers tutorials that cover progressively more complex topics. E-School Cambodia have a very experts teachers and their specialty is excellent teaching and more attention on students performance.

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Professional IT Training 

AZETECH is specialized for best IT career and guide to students the scope and future of IT professionals, Because during the time of study, its major issue to choose a IT profile , most of students they don’t know what IT skills need to learn, where have to go and how to present well. AZETECH will help provide the excellent career advice and will teach the IT Company and multiples skills roles and responsibilities. Our focus is  in-depth detailed of IT SE starting for definition explanation, problem solving, concept clearing, design analysis and goal setting of IT future etc. They focus on every minuscule area and clear confusion of their trainees through practical session making them confident and an expert in the domain.

Become an IT Star

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  • SDLC Phase

    For understanding the SDLC process, requires a thorough well methodology of the various roles that must come together in order to create a successful application.

  • Technical Practices

    For specific practices that are used during sprint execution to properly perform the work required to deliver features and manageable levels of technical debt.

  • Business Analysis

    Take forward steps in your business analyst career. Gain practical skills to increase efficiency through business process improvement and learn the Agile/Scrum methodology.

  • PM & Delivery

    Understand the significance of estimating methods and how should be utilized the team, time, cost estimation, tools, risk analysis and excellent delivery concerns.

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AZE Specilized Program 

AZETECH provide a comprehensive training program introduces important business and management skills. Designed to meet the subject standards for any organization’s educational development program, this versatile, e-Business management training features comprehensive course-ware in need-to-know business principles such as management, business planning & law, marketing and sales. Describe the principal requirements of sales management, including the team management, recruiting, selecting, and training of sales people, prospecting for clients, planning, and developing a sales strategy. Understand the capabilities, functions and operations in smart world and how they are used in business today.

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